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the blog is constructed slowly (but surely)

  • [03/22/23] i'm currently doing silly things with the tables so don't be surprised if you visit the website and see that some tables are either missing or misorganized. at this point, people are used to this lol :') a new secret have been added on the website! this secret is VERYVERYVERY easy to find (it's just in front of you lol), it's the new "not found" page that will replace the current one when the website will be done. this secret isn't and will not be listed on the website's secrets page because it will be removed soon. i'm thinking about changing the colors of the "photos gallery" background and darken the logo's color on that page because it hurts my eyes and i think i'm not the only one to have their eyes agressively injured just by looking at this page--- good news about the mini sonic cursor: it works on every pages of the website!

  • [03/21/23] i did something stupid and it affected the tab with the placeholder tab so it means that i have more work to do, yay...

  • [03/20/23] added meta content on the website's code. that's it, that's today's update.

  • this is just a placeholder image

    Drop n' Spin Dash!!!