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[05/19/24] Finally locked in after a while to wrote the update log of May 16th, upgrade the "Welcome" table of the home page and ADD A NEW SUB-PAGE!!! It's the "Scribbles" sub-page, available in the "Classic Sonic art" sub-page of the "Art Museum" page!! The sitemap has been updated to list this sub-page! (hello sorry for abruptly coming over to update the website at 12pm instead of sleeping since i haven't slept the whole night but i noticed the button of the "scribbles" sub-page wasn't added in the "classic sonic art" sub-page so i added it i'm sorry to not have noticed this sooner--- (*_ _)人 )

[05/16/24] Take a look at the "Spolight" table, there's something new displayed there! New content has been listed in the "Gales" and "Websites and Flash games" categories of the "Game room" page!

[05/09/24] Coming back after 6 days of inactivity to add something on the "Memorial" and "My collection" pages: I'm working on two new sub-pages! Also take a look at the "Special" table!!

[05/03/24] Today is a special day... I guess??? The welcome image and home page's BGM changed & the webmaster the plushie is powering the website today!

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