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[09/27/23] Updated the website very early this day to add a new drawing in the "2023" table of the "Drawings" page. There will be another update later this day. Some you may have have noticed this on my Neocities profile or learnt about this on Twitter but I'm currenly working on a "mobile-friendly" version of the website. If everything goes as planned, it will be done before the start of fall break. The "Game room" navigation button on the home screen doesn't work, I'm going to fix this issue later today.

[09/23/23] After months of work... A new page has been added to the website, it's the "Game room" page! There are A LOT of things to do there, I hope you'll have fun visiting this page! This page has been added to the website's sitemap!

[09/22/23] A new drawing has been added in the "2023" table of the "Drawings" page!

[09/19/23] The website reached +55k visitors!! yay!! (((o(°▽°)o))) The welcome image and the BGM of the home page have changed to celebrate autumn/fall! By the way, the volume of the home page BGM has been lowered. There's someting new on the "Spotlight" table!

[09/19/23]"oh btw, the diary button isn't working. nothing happened when i clicked on it" The "Diary" navigation button on the home page has been fixed, now something will happen when you'll click on it! (You will be redirected to the "Diary" page) Pictures on the "Item" column in the "Classic Sonic collection" sub-pag are clickable now and the displaying issue with the "Back" navigation button on this sub-page has been fixed. A new drawing has been added in the "2023" table of the "Drawings" page!

[09/18/23] A new poll is available in the "Poll" table! It will be there until October 17th so you have 29 days to place your votes!

[09/17/23] Something special is about to happen! The issue with the cursor on navigation buttons that expands when hovering on them has been fixed. ...Wait... You didn't knew that hovering on some navigation buttons can expand them??? I added this feature back on September 7th! I didn't wrote this on the log of that day because I was tired--- The updates logs of August have been archived in the "Updates logs Archive" sub-page of the "Memorial" page and the page of the 5th navigation button on the home page is finally DONE! I worked on it from midday until evening (7PM). It'll be available in the next few days, you'll have to be patient lol :') ...And no more coding for today, I can rest for the rest of the evening..~

[09/16/23] The "Chat box" table has been upgraded!

[09/15/23] The "Special" table has been ajusted: The placeholder drawing has been replaced.

[09/12/23] The visitors counter has been reverted to its normal appearance, nature is healing. The issue with the website buttons displayed on the "Link me" table has been fixed, you can download them again from this table instead of going to the "Resources" page. Right-click tab has been enabled for navigation buttons of all the website's pages and sub-pages!I guess bestie will have a field day after reading this information lol :') The neon effect on the home page's navigation buttons has been ajused, now it looks better. Two new items have been listed in the "Classic Sonic collection" sub-page of the "My collection" page and there's something new on the "Spotlight" table, you already know what you have to do! And I can finally rest after working for 3 hours straight without taking a break--- ε-(´・`)

[09/07/23] The "Flags" table has been renamed into "Global" table! The clock widget I used for this table doesn't work aymore so I made a clock with JavaScript. (normally it automatically detects your timezone and show what time is it where you are) I suppose some of you saw the "Users online" widget on the table: it was just a test, I don't know if I'll add this widget on the website--- The visitors counter has changed! ...But it doesn't look great so I'll fix it later because it's almost midnight and I'm very tired lol :')

[09/05/23] The website reached... 50K VISITORS!!! (that's a lot lol) Thank you so much for your support!!! ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノ Anyways, there's something new on the "Spotlight" table, the update logs of August will be archived soon in the "Update logs archive" sub-page and I'm still working on the page with the grey navigation button on the home page. I'll also do some changes on the "Flags" table.

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