This is a gallery with pictures I take of Classic Sonic and any other works involving photography or image editing.
Sometimes I edit him in the pictures I take. Click on the picture thumbnail to see the full picture.




Let's go!

This is a pic of my Classic Sonic figure. I was reordering my Classic Sonic items from my collection and saw this figure stored in its box so I decided to take a picture of it doing a "joyful" and "determined" pose.

Grey Day

I took this picture after meeting one of my online friends in real life! We played tennis together, it was fun but we had to go back home earlier than planned because it was raining... (hence why the sky is grey on the pic)

Good morning...

It was 8AM and the sun was bright when I took the picture. The blue blanket I used was my old blanket, I don't use it anymore because I grew up lol :') I gave him gifts on evening, it was stuffed small plushies! I made a lot of small plushies for him!




"i want to seethe eiffel tower today"

It's this sudden impulse I had that morning that motivated me to go outside and take this pic. I "visited" Paris and went to the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur at Monmarte before going to the Champ de Mars to see the Eiffel Tower. That afternoon was tiring but I stayed veeery patient and my patiente was rewarded: I took a beautiful pic of the Eiffel Tower during sunset!


I took a pic of this church that was next of the library I went to take the books I've ordered. The library was a bit hidden so it was hard for me to find it-- The church is called "Notre-Dame-de-la-Croix de Ménilmontant" according to Google, this is a very long name lol :')

My plushies

"i love my classic sonic plushies lol, they are so cute together"




Dusk Harbor

A pic I took of a small harbor located on the edge of the Seine. There were a lot of long small boats, fishing boats and tourist river boats. There was a lot of gooses for some reason, I tried to take pics of them but I miserably failed...

uninteresting landscape

This picture was taken at the same location than the one from the "Dusk Harbor" picture. This is the result of a failed attempt at taking a pictue of the gooses that were on the river.

It's raining!

That day, I went to a bookstore in the Place de la République to buy a manga about a ninja who wears an orange jacket and loves ramen. It was raining when I left the bookstore and luckily, I brought my umbrella with me so I came back home dry... and sneezing because I caught a cold...