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July 1st, 2023

Sonic on TV

sonic appearing on tv (where i live) isn't as rare as finding gold in your backyard. yes, he doesn't appear too much on tv but this doesn't mean that he doesn't appear at all. the first time i saw sonic in my life was on tv! my cousin had DVDs of sonic x so me and my older sibling were watching them on mornings and afternoons (alongside other DVDs) when we stayed at his house during school breaks back in the 2005s.

sonic boom made a comeback on tv during the pandemic/quarantine period in february~march 2020 and is still airing on tv at the time i'm writing this diary entry. i remember this cartoon airing after school back in 2014 on gulli, for a few hours during night time on canal j during the quarantine period and during morning on gulli and on the beginning of afternoon and after school on canal j this year. i still watch sonic boom on these two tv channels because it's the only sonic cartoon airing on tv lol :') sonic boom was one of the few things that made me watch tv during pandemic, me and my sibling are so attached to this show that we were watching it everytime it was airing on tv. my mom didn't liked it but she slowly started to appreciate the show. sonic boom is my "mario kart 8" like how mario kart 8 is the "gta 5" of some people. you understand what i'm saying, riiight???

the pic on the left is from spring 2023 and the pic on the right is an ad for the sonic boom and ben 10 segments airing on mornings on gulli. (don't understand why they used a sonic unleashed render for this advert when they always use sonic boom renders to advert the show---)

aaanyways, i don't really remember seeing ads for sonic games on tv, but i remember seeing a sonic lost world ad??? my memories on where i've seen the ad are very blurry and the fact that the ad i've seen isn't archived on ina's website means that it either hasn't been archived or never aired on tv. maybe i watched it on the 3ds' eshop or on nintendo's official youtube channel..??
it's not because i don't remember ads of sonic games on tv that i don't remember ads of the two sonic movies airing on tv. you see the kind of partnership the sonic movies has with nick(or nickelodeon) in america? they did the same thing in france, but with gulli (and canal+ but i think they only had a partnership for the first movie). the ad of the first movie was shown kinda often on tv so when it appeared, my mom was always calling me to watch it because she was one of the few lucky people irl to know that i'm a (classic) sonic fan. tbh i think the ads for the two movies are very generic and forgettable, and i would have forgot about them if i wasn't a sonic fan

besides ads and cartoons, sonic also appears on tv because he's a pop culture icon! i saw sonic multiple times on game one, a channel centered on gaming, pop culture and animes. well, it wasn't really sonic but it's funny to see men wearing silly costumes of sonic! ‷(>*^ᗜ^*<)‴

he was disguised as sonic because he lost when he played a quizz and the people who lost the quizz had to do a challenge called "sonic challenge" (it's a challenge where contestants have to respond to trivial sonic questions, i remember recording this part of the show and took pics of it but i don't have the screen recordings because i'm currently not at home and don't have the pics because they are on my old phone)

this was the strangest "ennemies to lovers" story i've ever seen (and the weirdest thing i've seen on this channel at 5am)

i'm happy to see sonic on tv, no matter if he appears for promoting medias, on cartoons, because people are talking positively about him or do a friendly jab at him.

unrelated to sonic but one day i watched a game show and one of the questions asked to a contestant was which part of mario's anatomy in the mario movie sparked a controversy and the answer was his butt because it's flat. i guess this controversy was controversial enough to be talked about on tv lol (no, i won't say my opinion on if mario's butt is flat or not, this is one of the things i prefer to keep to myself and say to nobody ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ )

June 27th, 2023

Sonic Central June 2023 "Recap"

this is not a full recap, i only talk about all the classic sonic stuff shown during the sonic central and my thoughts about them lol :') if you want to watch the whole sonic central and see content i won't talk about, the video is at the end of the diary entry.

first, they shown a recap trailer of sonic origins plus with more informations on the game. the full recap trailer is available on the english youtube channel of sonic. the game and the expansion pack for sonic origins plus have been released after the trailer. i wasn't excited for sonic origins and sonic origns plus for obvious reasons so i didn't cared about this.

then, they shown a new costume available for classic sonic in sonic speed simulator called "tuxedo classic sonic". it can be unlocked during the in-game event taking place on june 23rd.

i absolutely do not care if you still play the game or stopped to play it because of "the incident", this is none of my buisness. personally, i stopped to play the game since "the incident", i love classic sonic and want to get this skin because of that but i don't want to give support to *that* company so i won't play the game and won't get this skin.

during the "sonic mobile games" section, they announced that classic super sonic (or super classic sonic (or whatever you want to call him)) will be added in sonic dash and sonic forces mobile/sonic forces: speed battle later this year. i stopped to play speed battle since years ago so i finally have a reason to re-install the game and play it again lol :')

they also announced new classic sonic items during the "merchandise" section. they shown no classic sonic items when they talked hypland's sonic-themed clothes collection but this brand actually sells a few classic sonic clothes.

a classic sonic-themed guitar manufactured by esp will be available soon. i quietly regret to have bought a guitar because i could have bought this one with the money i saved to buy the guitar i currently have lol... :'( they shown a classic sonic cooler/cool box with classic tails, classic knuckles and classic eggman.

the "sonic superstars" segment shown a bit of the iizuka and oshima interview about the game. like the sonic origins plus trailer i've talked about in the beginning, the full interview is available on the english youtube channel of sonic. i didn't watched the full interview yet because i forgot so... uh... i'll probably watch it if i don't forget lol--- they also shown exclusive contents for the game: a "modern-era amy" skin for classic sonic that can be obtained by subscribing to the newsletter of the game.

...and a "lego eggman" skin for classic eggman that can be obtained by pre-ordering the game that was shown on the "sonic superstars collaboration" segment. two pre-order exclusive items weren't show during the sonic central: a reversible game cover and an acrylic stand. these items can be obtained by pre-ordering a physical version of the game but no informations on if these items are japan exclusive (like the sonic origins glass coaster) or obtainable worldwide has been said. the pre-orders for the game opened at the end of the sonic central.

almost all the content shown during this sonic central was already shown and announced before the direct on twitter so the direct was just a sort of recap if you already saw what they shown... and unfortunately, this was the case for a lot of sonic fans, including me. to end this diary entry, here's the whole sonic central, with the non classic sonic stuff i haven't talked about:

June 17th, 2023

Sonic Movie 2

Warning: This diary entry has spoilers of the Sonic Movie 2

click here to read the diary entry

i watched the sonic movie 2 on its release day and on my birthday and i liked it! the main plot is good, same for the sub-plot in addition to being funny (the sub-plot isn't as bad as some of y'all make it out to be lol) the only thing i didn't liked is the fart joke at the beginning of the movie---

i watched the english dub/original version instead of the french dub for reasons that you surely know if you're either french, a sonic fan or both. maybe i should talk about this in a diary entry one day??? dunnodunno ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
the movie was released on march 30th where i live (fortunately, LOL.) and i bought a ticket for the late afternoon screening of that day because the movie was released in a school day, i finished classed on early afternoon that day and because the movie theather that was screening the original version of the movie was an hour away from my house.

i did my best to not get spoiled because the movie was being screened on movie theathers since 10am and some people were spoiling it by posting screenshots and videos of the post-credit scene where shadow is being revealed. seeing some people talking about the movie to the point of (nearly) spoiling it as soon as they watched it was strange because the official twitter account of the sonic movie made an awarness post about spoiling/spoilers, made an hashtag about this to prevent people from spoiling the movie, and people were constantly posting awareness tweets with this hashtag and saying to not spoil the movie??? i guess some of them meant to say "don't spoil the movie until i watch it, you can spoil it as much as you want after i watched it, people who will be spoiled because they didn't watched it yet and because the movie hasn't been released in their country yet is the least of my worries"

since we're talking about spoilers: some people got spoiled because of one of mcdonald's american website. mcdonald's has a website for happy meal toys and the american one was showing sonic movie 2 toys and video presentations of them. clicking on the pics of the toys displays their respective videos presentation but the tails toy shows a video presentation of a super sonic toy... and this is how some people discovered that super sonic will be in the movie. i think it was kinda obvious that sonic will be super sonic in the movie because of one of the trailers but i guess people who were denying this or didn't get the clue were feeling bad about being spoiled on this...

to conclude this silly diary entry i didn't wrote a month ago because of school exams, here's my ticket place of the sonic movie 2. i stored it in my ugly useful wallet since the day i went to the movie theather to watch the movie. the ink faded away for some reason but i think you can see that "sonic" is written on the ticket lol :')

i want to confess something: the sonic movie 2 obby from the nickverse is one of the best sonic and roblox game i've ever played. the obby was so fun that i was playing roblox everyday just because of this. i was sad when they removed the obby, i was so sad that i screamed and cried and broke my phone and puched holes in the walls of my house and broke all the windows of my house and

May 16th, 2023

Sonic items #1

i think me having classic sonic items is common knowledge but do you know that i also have sonic items that aren't classic sonic/classic era items?

i have some sonic movie 2 jigsaw puzzles from kfc! in some countries, you could get sonic movie 2 toys at mcdonald's but in mine, you could get sonic movie 2 toys at kfc instead of mcdonald's. there are 6 puzzles to collect and the sonic + tails and sonic + knuckles puzzles were the ones i really wanted to get because they're very cool!! (i love the sonic + tails one lol :D)

i got 4 jigsaw puzzles and none of them are the ones i wanted to get... i got a solo movie sonic puzzle and three movie sonic + movie tails + movie knuckles puzzle... i regret to not have asked the cashier if they can give me two different puzzles instead of giving me the same one three times---

i also have a sonic boom novel! it's a second-hand item i bought for 2~3 euros. a few sonic boom novels were released in france and the stories of the novel aren't original stories, it's just transcripts of a few episodes of the season 1 of the tv show. the novel i got is a transcript of *that* episode where sonic and eggman swap their bodies (???) because they touched a meteorite at the same time. apparently this novel wasn't for sale and you could only get for free in some libraries by buying a novel from the collection of kids books made by the company who published the novel

and i have discs launchers and clip charms! i bought a bunch of these things because they only cost 99 euro cents in my country lol :') i only wanted to get the metal sonic one and the sonic one with the rings but i ended up having a lot of duplicates--- i don't want to keep the duplicates so I'm thinking about selling them

did you know that some people have been spoiled about super sonic in the sonic movie 2 because of the american website of McDonald's? I'll talk about this in the next diary entry lol :')

May 12th, 2023

Tails Nendoroid

today, good smile company (the company who makes the nendoroid figures) posted a tweet saying that the tails nendoroid they announced will be sold soon and pre-orders for the figure are open in their websites. while some people found the figure cute, some find it silly because of the pupils (it reminds them of tails from something i do NOT want to talk about.) and the proportions of his body part.

imo the prototype version of the figure is better than the final version. tails looks like his modern self in the prototype version but he looks a strange mix of his classic and modern self in the final version.

the prototype version of the figure is on the left and the final version is on the right

some people made edits of the tails nendo, giving him a thin body/torso and reducing the size of his pupils. even yamaguchi (tails' creator) made an edit of the tails nendo, making it look like a classic tails figure!

here's some images of the tails nendoroid to conclude this diary entry!

May 1st, 2023

Fishing in Sonic Frontiers #1

there are 4 fishing spots in sonic frontiers and i quickly went to the one from kronos island when i discovered it. i caught a lot of fishes and spend green coins and tickets on keys and collectibles. then a starfall happened and i got a lot of purple coins. i went to the fishing spot to catch fishes but i caught a bunch of silly things instead...

i know that rubbish can be collected while fishing but i didn't expected to collect bumpers and star posts---

April 28th, 2023

Sonic Frontiers (Nintendo Switch version)

today was a tiring day but i got the nintendo switch version of slnic frontiers!! :D i wanted to buy it since march but couldn't because i had exams to do--- i also got an advertisement for the sonic movie 2 inside the game box for whatever reason..? i didn't expected to see that lol :')

i was not supposed to buy the nintendo switch version of the game. i already bought a digital copy of the game on steam but the game is extremely slow and took an hour to start on my home laptop and i can't play it on my school laptop because i can't install steam on that laptop... (admin rights locks installations of softwares and software installers)

i downloaded all the DLCs (even the sonic adventure 2 shoes) then played the game. it was fun and i did a lot of silly things like accidentally falling in the void multiple times, running on walls, finding strange thinhs and getting stuck in areas!

i did a few boss battles (ninja, tower and asura) and released amy from the thing she was imprisoned. the boss fight against tower wasn't hard, i finished it quickly.

i also saw and collected some kocos, they were following sonic everywhere he went and i think they should stop following him because he's constantly fighting against enemies and dangerous guardians and they can hurt themselves if they stay near from him....

April 26th, 2023

SegaSonic the Hedgehog, Mighty and Ray

the official japanese twitter account of sonic the hedgehog posted their monthly classic era artwoks and the artwork of this month is mighty with an arcade cabinet of segasonic the hedgehog. i never played the game on an arcade cabinet and on emulator but i heard that the game is hard to play on arcade (and even more on emulator) because you must control the characters with a trackball and the characters are goingtoooo fast---

i think i don't have to explain what is segasonic the hedgehog but i assume some people who are currently reading this entry have either never heard of this game before or has little to no knowledge about the game so...
from my knowledge: segasonic the hedgehog is an arcade game where sonic, mighty, and ray are captured by eggman, trapped in an island eggman made to trap them in and have to escape. you can play with the three protagonists and up to three people can play the game at the same time (like local multiplayer). it's one of the games from the segasonic brand and one of the firsts sonic games to have characters voice lines. this arcade game was only released in japan, it was planned to be released in america too but it didn't. (there are sprites of translated english dialogues and sprites of eggman with his AOSTH design in the files of the game)

now, let's talk about mighty and ray!

the character on the left is mighty, he's a powerful red armadillo with red shoes (i think he really likes red) and the character on the right is ray, he's a silly yellow flying squirrel with blue shoes (he used to have red shoes). mighty and ray are best friends! mighty appeared for the first time outside of japan in knuckles' chaotix, a game centered on knuckles. unfortunately, ray doesn't appear in that game.. then they both appeared in archie sonic and archie knuckles' comic series. back when sonic heroes was in development, team ideas were made and both were planned to be in a team with metal sonic. this idea (alongside many other team ideas) was abandoned. they were still appearing in the archie sonic comics from the modern era and got modern era designs, thanks to this. almost two decades after their appearance in segasonic the hedgehog, they reappeared in sonic generations! but they were just texture sprites---

now, they're reccuring characters in classic era! first, they got added as playable characters in the DLC of sonic mania, then they appeared in sonic mania adventures, in a few official illustrations and in two of the three classic sonic comics made to celebrate sonic's 30th anniversary!! they got a bunch of fans since their appearance in sonic mania and i think they'll keep appearing in sonic content from the classic era since a lot of people likes them!!

ray is my favorite, i instantly liked him besides mistaking him for a chicken when i saw his artwork for sonic mania plus lol :')

April 23rd, 2023

My Nintendo 3DS

i have a pink 3ds (a "coral pink" 3ds, to be exact) since 2015 because the screen of my red dsi deteriorated and its L and R buttons don't work anymore (they stopped to work a few years after my parents bought the console). this 3ds is NOT the one i wanted and asked to get for christmas.

i asked for:
  • a red 3ds because red is my favorite color and because i hav a red dsi
  • the animal crossing 3ds xl, i really really wanted to have it because it looks pretty
  • a new n3ds because you can customize it with cover plates. i wanted to have the yoshis, mario, isabelle and 8-bit themed cover plates

  • ...and i got:
  • a pink coral 3ds

  • i think it's obvious that i didn't asked my parents to buy all the 3dses i listed lol :') i let my parents chose which one of them they can buy for me. i was disappointed when i saw a pink 3ds in the box instead of one of the 3dses i asked for... i remember the n3ds and the 3ds xl being "too expensive" at the time i got the pink 3ds so i guess this is probably why i didn't got the n3ds and the 3ds xl. the 3ds they bought for me was second-handed: it means that someone bought it, used it then decided to sell it. the firsts games i got alongside the pink 3ds are disney magical world and luigi's mansion 2. i still play disney magical world once in a blue moon to finish the game but i don't play luigi's mansion anymore, i find the game boring... my 3ds is still working at the time i'm writing this, i had to change its battery because the original one bloated (it looks like a hot pocket...) and i installed a bunch of games and all the streetpass games because i "homebrewed" it (i was scared to do this because i thought that the police will knock at my door and arrest me---)

    two years ago (2021), i taped some images of cream the rabbit on it and attached a drawing i made to it because i really liked her (she's one of the firsts sonic characters i liked) and because i couldn't afford to make stickers and acrylic charms. i still bring my 3ds wherever i go because i want to collect play coins and because i want to get streetpass tags lol :') here are some pics of my 3ds i took between 2021 and 2022 to conclude this loooong diary entry!

    April 21st, 2023


    first diary entry! i don't know what to say so... here's a pic i took of a hedgehog i saw when i was outside.
    there was two hedgehogs in that area and apparently there are a lot of hedgehogs in that city, they walk around here and there but they aren't very careful--- the pic was taken in october 2021